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Divinely Directed Dreams are primarily about one's self. However a few dreams relate to family, friends, and world events. Thus divine dreams is the most important category of dreams also referred as revelation dreams. Such dreams may be rare but very impressive. Such dreams give to the dreamer a powerful vision which reveals something very important to him.

People of the ancient world attributed enormous importance to such dreams and were willing to rearrange their whole lives as a result of such an experience. Even a modern man, armored against superstition by the prevailing skepticism of a scientific era, may be much impressed by revelation dreams and may, on occasion, change his life as a result. But these "rare" dreams are frequent for those who follow the directions of The Creator.

The deja vu sensation, that elusive feeling of "I have been here before" appears, from this observation, to result from the superimposing of divine dream on a waking state. About 60% people are impressed by several observations of deja vu phenomenon in life.

The advent of the Internet has revised the concept of community. As people can gather virtually in any online community or group without any geographical limitations, sharing of ideas about some common interests is much easier.Like any other online community intends to develop a forum based on common interest in dream research. Divine Dreams Community will focus to collect and summarize common beliefs of our age about dreams. We will also categories online resources available for dream interpretation including intuitive people in the filed. In this way we may empower interested individuals and groups of people by providing them with the resources and skills they need to deal with concerns and conflicts of their lives through divine dreams.

It is hoped that thousands of people each year will participate in the Divine Dreams Community, and we hope you will be one of them.

People from around the world with all types of backgrounds, from different walks of life are welcome to join in. Participate in the community by sharing your dreams as these dreams might have a global importance.