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 Possible Meanings of Seeing Clouds in Your Dreams

Rainy clouds in dream suggest financial ease, goodness and blessings. Dark black clouds in dream are prophetic of hardship, fear and horror.  

Depending upon the context of your dream clouds refer to;

  • Knowledge and Wisdom

  • State or Statesmanship

  • Getting supreme political powers or sovereignty

  • Being calm, peaceful and untroubled in life

  • Showing reverence and devotion to divine guidance

  • A sudden or great misfortune or calamity

  • Extreme scarcity of food

  • Some misfortune or bad luck

  • Lawlessness or political disorder due to absence of government authority

Guiding Dream Interpretations

1.     Gaining Knowledge and Status

  1. To see in dream that you caught hold of clouds and brought to the earth, then it signifies your knowledge and highness.

  2. To gather clouds, pick up clouds or to let somebody see clouds in dream suggests that person doing all this will be a distinguished scholar of his age and will receive highest distinctions.

  3. To wear a black robe or dress (blackening is caused by clouds) in dream suggests your unmatchable knowledge and wisdom.

  4. To make the clouds move in the air in dream suggests your company with scholars and leading class. If the dreaming person is high up in waking life then dream suggests that the president will send his informative messengers in his country.

  5. To see in dream that clouds have surrounded some place around you, then it is an indication of forthcoming knowledge and wisdom in proportion to the darkness and confinement caused by the clouds.

  6. To see clouds right above one’s head in dream is sign of approaching headship.

  7. To see clouds quickly moving over one’s head suggest his company with a kind, beneficial and astute official.

  8. To eat clouds in dream suggests wisdom in your life.

2.     Spiritual Harmony and Wisdom

  1. To see white clouds in your dream signify your spiritual harmony, compassion and wisdom. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream indicates that public will be able to receive benefits.

  2. To see in dream that you are drinking rain water, then it refers to your quest for peace and spiritual harmony.

3.     Fortune for Public

  1. To see in dream clouds and smooth rain at the same time, then it indicates fortune and goodness to public.

  2. To see in dream that clouds are shadowing on someone’s head then it indicates wealth, riches and status in that year.

4..     Disaster, Catastrophe, Anarchy and Misfortune

  1. To see red clouds in your dream signifies pains caused by struggled and troubled life. It also suggests imprisonment.

  2. To see in dream clouds accompanied by strong rain and loud thunder, suggest that you should be afraid of curse which might be invoked by your parents or by a Muslim person.

  3. To see in dream clouds, strong rain, loud thunder accompanied by lightning too, then dream suggests big disasters in life.

  4. To see in dream black clouds (only clouds without rain) spreading over a country suggests misfortune or calamity for the people in that country. Someone in the vicinity of black clouds will be more ill-fated.

  5. To see yellowish clouds in dream suggests ailment. Alternatively it suggests meeting your difficult soul mate.