To Worship Fire in Dreams

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Possible Dream Meaning

  • Seeking worldly pleasures
  • Spying
  • Government contractor
  • Success
  • Serving the royals
  • Unfair wealth

Guiding Interpretations

  • Seeing oneself bowing to fire is a sign of one’s futile services for the ruler. Alternatively bowing to candle, light or oven in dream symbolizes your services rendered to comfort women.
  • To see oneself worshiping and kissing fire in dream suggests collecting and reporting information for the government.
  • To see oneself worshiping fire in dream suggests appointment in government service. To worship fire coals in dream suggests amassing unfair wealth at the cost of your religion.
  • Being lost in a fire causing body burns in dream suggests your plans to trade with government. Such plans may prove hurting in waking life. Entering the fire in dream suggests receiving benefits from the rulers especially if you are unharmed in dream.
  • To see your face, hand or garments on fire are shedding light means victory over the opponents and success in both worlds.
  • A fire worshiping place in dream symbolizes some detestable place. Alternatively it symbolizes some empty place and uninteresting people.
  • Getting something in a fire worshiping place in dream suggests freeing from evil practices but facing troubles and hardships in life.