Dreaming the Hell and its Meaning

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Possible Meaning of Dream  

Hell in dream is symbolic of some natural disaster, especially a disaster as a result of sinful life style, cruel and unjust king, misery, sorrows, and grief, and your placement in the hell in eternal life depending upon the context of your dream. To see in dream a hell which is not hurting you indicates your sorrows and grief and sufferings but you will eventually be peaceful in life. To dream that you are a resident of hell then it is symbolic of your lifelong struggle for money making.

To dream that you eat like hell eat and burning in fire then it is indication of your transgressions in this world, sinful life style with boldness and will be involved in such business or profession which is not regarded as descent ethically and some fruitless open-ended activity. To dream that you set up a fire near hell then it is a sign of starting or initiating a difficult job. To dream that you can hear the sound of hell then it is a sign that you will be politically targeted by officials with fear. To dream to take an oath or promise near hell signifies misery in this world.