Dreams involving Photohraphs, Portraits, Sketches or Images

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Possible Meaning of Dream

Portrait in dream is often representative of woman. To dream that you keep a portrait then it is a sign of have a woman. To dream that you bought or got a portrait then it is indicative of getting a sexual partner for you. To dream that you lost or damaged your portrait then it is a sign of separation or departure from your woman. To dream that face in your portrait is changed with some other woman’s face then it indicates that your condition will become similar to woman in portrait. To dream that your face in portrait is replaced with some bad or deteriorated face then it indicates upcoming transitions in your state which will be unpleasant for you.

If the transition is reversed then it indicates reversal in your condition towards improvement. To dream that you have a portrait of yourself which is graceful and elegant than in normal life then it refers to your social network or supporters that will no longer going to live with you and may cause troubles and suffering for you. To dream that your personal portrait is changed to some animal’s portrait then it indicates that person in dream is not trustworthy and is liar or will utter such words which are unlawful or forbidden ethically or morally.

To dream that your sex is opposite in portrait to the normal then it refers to your hard to tackle assignment which will cause confusion and frustration for you. Portrait painter is often symbolized a person who says the opposite to divine moral values and code of conduct.