Dreams about Feces or Animal Dung

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Possible Dream Meaning

Animal dung in dream is symbolic of wealth and blessing. The human feces refer to unfair income. To dream that you excreted feces in water house or in a swimming pool then it refers to getting some bad news related to loss of wealth. To dream that you excreted feces into your bedding or linen then it indicates your spending upon your family. To hide your excreted feces in the ground indicates hiding of your wealth.

To dream that you have stained your body with animal or human excreta then it represents your sinful life. Motions in dream are symbolic of your lavish spending of your wealth. To dream that you slipped from feces and stained your body or clothes with it then it indicates some harm from officials or government. Feces in dream is also symbolic of unfair wealth, increase in income, spending on your family depending upon the context of your dream.