Dream Interpretation Cooking Pot and Pans

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Possible Dream Meaning

A large cooking pot in dream is symbolic of house owner, landlady, housewife, leader of the family, a wealthy person, servant, administrator, manager depending upon the context of your dream. A new cooking pot in dream represents the woman in central position in the house. To dream that you put your cooking pot on fire for cooking or you have cooked something in it then it is a sign of getting benefits from government due to some unanticipated bases. To see an empty cooking pot on fire then signifies some detestable job or work assignment for you.

To dream that your cooking pot is broken then it is a sign of death for house wife, leader of the family or for both persons. Fire burner is symbolic of sturdy or powerful leader of the family who is not fearful from anybody in the house. A burner used for cooking symbolizes leader of the family or house wife. To dream that you have a burner or someone has given you a burner for cooking then it is an indication of getting wife of some other person. If a female dreamer dreams that fire burner or fire place is broken then it refrs to death of family leader or vice versa.