Dreams about Bed Pillows

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Possible Meanings

Depending upon the context of your dream a pillow may symbolize servant, mistress, state or country, religion, piousness and justice.

Guiding Dream Interpretations

  1. To see or use pillow serves as a symbol of an employee hired to do household or a personal attendant.

  2. To dream that you have a brand new pillow of green color indicates that your personal attendant or employee will be kind-hearted, moral and dutiful.

  3. To see in dream that you keep an old pillow which is yellow or black or dirty suggests that your personal attendant or employee is an evil minded and wicked person.

  4. To see in dream that your pillow is burnt or torn or damaged signifies that dreaming person will suffer and all his employees or serving men will leave him alone.

  5. To see in dream that someone has stolen your pillow indicates that someone is trying to allure your woman or mistress for sin.