Meaning of dreams about milk

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Possible Meanings

Depending upon the context of your dream milk may signify justifiable income, riches, sons, sorrows or grief. Fresh, sweet and fine quality milk in dream symbolizes riches. Sour, unpleasant tasted and poor quality milk symbolizes misery or poverty.

Guiding Interpretations

  1. To drink fresh and fine milk indicates justifiable income.

  2. If milk is accumulated in breasts of a female then the dream signifies birth of a baby boy.

  3. To dream that you milked your chest and blood oozed out then it may signify income from unjustifiable means and sources.

  4. To dream that you are sucking your nipples to feed yourself then the dream may be a sign of loss in profession and economics.

  5. To dream that you are a child and are being fed with milk then dream indicates that your wishes will not fulfill.

  6. To feed a child with your breasts signifies getting wealth from government.

  7. Milk from wild animals signifies wealth in small amount.

  8. To be fed milk from a strong wild animal signifies strength and sustainability.

  9. To drink camels’ milk signifies getting wealth from a lord. To dream that you drink milk of a deer then it may be a sign of vast livelihood.

  10. To see in dream that you drink milk of goat then it is a sign of getting wealth from women.

  11. To drink milk of tiger in dream may signify indication of victory over your opponents.

  12. To drink milk of a lioness signifies getting unfair riches from some big gun.

  13. To drink donkey’s milk in dream signifies disease and subsequent recovery.

  14. To drink rabbit’s milk in dream may signify getting benefits from women.

  15. To drink swine’s milk in dream may signify stupidity, duffer and be-fooling.

  16. To drink vixen’s milk in dream signify treacherous planning.

  17. To drink wolf’s milk in dream signifies betrayal of your women.

  18. To drink goat’s milk in dream signifies wealth.