Dreams about roasted food stuff/ meat

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Possible Meanings

Depending upon the context of your dream, roasted meat may symbolize the following;

  1. To dream of roasted food stuff like mutton, chicken, beef, lamb etc. then it is a sign that dreaming person will get a rise in income, wages or earnings.

  2. To eat roasted chicken in dream is a sign of gathering wealth from woman with treachery and cheating.

  3. To eat roasted fish in dream is a sign of travel to receive education and get acquaintance with some scholarly person.

  4. To see a person selling roasted meat in dream is symbolic of a person who can enhance the earnings of ordinary people.

  5. To eat roasted lamb in dream is a sign of getting wealth, money with some extraordinary effort and discomfort.

  6. To eat roasted meat of cow in dream is a sign of future peace and valor.