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Possible Meaning of Dream  

Cooking oil or fats in dream may be symbolic of beautiful women, mistress, admiration, profit, golden words, and good nature depending upon the context of your dream. Any hair styling product in dream refers to your makeup and personal décor. A fragrant hair styling product is symbolic of your décor in life and is regarded as good. A stinky hair styling gel is immorality or evilness. Eating of olive oil is symbolic of wealth and blessings. To dream that one person is massaging oil on the body of other person then it refers to their deceit and treachery. To dream that you are massaging yourself then it refers to your worldly décor with some sorrows and grief. To dream that you oil your chest then it refers to your false oath and swearing. To dream that your clothes have oil scars then it again refers to your repentances and grief. Stinky oil symbolizes sexual worker, sins and bad utterance depending upon the context of your dream. To eat animal oil or fats refers to getting wealth and prosperity.