Owl dream meaning

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Possible Dream Meaning

Depending upon the context of your dream seeing an owl in dream symbolizes unjust and cruel ruler or a cunning or dishonest scholar. To see an owl in your street in dream suggests arrival of royals in the area. To see in dream that public or people have killed an owl suggests that president or some minister or head of a corporation will be removed from his post. To dream that an owl has caught you up refers to your amnesty or closeness with royals. To dream that an owl has offered you something in its beak means rewards and fortune from royal family.

To dream that an owl sitting on your hand flew away leaving a chain or string on your wrist suggests that the boss or high-up may be offended on your poor performance and will keep you at a distance.It also suggests that he may also fire you from your current position.

To dream that you have caught an owl by hunting indicates that some sort of treasure or riches of royal will be under your custody. To dream that an owl is sitting on your hand or face suggests that you will be blessed with a son that will become a leader. To dream that you have snatched an owl’s feathers, then it is a sign that you will receive wealth from royals. To dream of fighting with an owl refers to your rift with royals.