Meaning of dreams about neck

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Possible Meanings

To see neck in your dreams, depending upon the context, may symbolize the following;

  • Entrust

  • Energy

  • Dishonesty

  • Loan

  • Disease

Guiding Deam Interpretaions

  1. To notice that your neck is fat and strong then your dream symbolizes paying out entrusts, practicing religion or professional progress.

  2. To notice that your neck is weaker then it may be a sign of dishonesty i.e. probably you will not pay back entrusts.

  3. To see some load hung around your neck which is not burdensome then dream signifies longevity and preserving or practicing your religious ideas.

  4. To dream that your neck is longer than normal then it is a sign of entrust ship for a longer period or you will not testify some act as desired ethically or morally.

  5. To see your neck broken in a dream signifies suspension from your job, non fulfillment of desires or some false religious faiths or ideas.

  6. To see some flesh removed from your neck in your dreams indicates that you will destroy borrowed or loaned wealth.

  7. To see a shorter neck than normal in your dreams suggests dishonesty.