Leech Treatment or Blood Cupping in Dreams

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Possible Meaning of Dream

To see in dream that you are treating somebody with leeches then it is symbolized as paying off the entrusted wealth or riches, an act of betting, getting an official status, respect and statesmanship, value, and practicing Sunnah. To see in dream that you are receiving medical treatment of bleeding by leeches from some unknown person at some unknown location then it is an indication that you will take responsibility or guarantee some other person. In previous dream if you are being treated by some friend then it is an indication of returning the goods or wealth you were entrusted with. You will be in peace and safe from the cunning plans of your opponents and will be free from sorrows and grief.

To see in dream leeches sucking blood of an old man as medical treatment then it refers to your fineness of job, work or profession. To see in dream that you are treating a king or high up with leeches then it refers to your company with such person who will give you responsibility for something important If the dreaming person is an official then it indicates his suspension from post of auditor, estimator, quantity surveyor or treasurer.