Dreams about Flowers (red or yellow)

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Possible Dream Meaning

Depending upon the context of your dream flowers may be a sign of son, friend, a coward, mistress, a letter from the disappeared man.To see flower without leaves signifies worries and sorrows. To see red flowers during season in waking life signifies birth of a baby boy. To see red flowers out of season in waking life signifies troubles for your son. A flower plant in dream signifies headship of some department or a spokesman ship. A tree of yellow flowers signifies a broker woman who sells comforts. A tree or plant of white flowers signifies honor, value, and wealth.

A flower tree or plant in one’s house represents wedding. To see blooming flowers of different kinds in dream signifies your cheerfulness and promptness with your family and friends. To drop a flower or give a flower to someone suggests departure from a disloyal person. Alternatively a flower may symbolize a letter or message from the disappeared person.