Dreams about Studying in a College or University

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Possible Meaning of Dream

To study principles of any field (like History, Language, Arts etc.) signifies your involvement in paying attention to the subject, situation or profession.

Guiding Interpretations

  1. To study religious explanations (theology and religious studies) in dreams may signify your interest in religious goodness and your efforts for gaining religious goodness.

  2. To dream that you are studying history books then it is a sign that your opinion will gain weight age in official matters. To dream to study law books suggests your abstention from unlawful actions.

  3. To study story books in dream signify your greed for described in stories.

  4. To study astrology represents improvement in your worldly conditions.

  5. To study grammar and literature in dream signifies your deep involvement in your profession and admiration by public.

  6. To study physics or physiology in dream signifies your dreams for things and you will opt identification categorization of objects as profession.

  7. To study poetry books in dream may signify your defamation and scolding by the people.

  8. To study digests in dream symbolizes your planning for your remarriage.

  9. To study a book of dream interpretation in dream suggests your favors for some celebrity which will accordingly be rewarded.

  10. To study mathematics in dream signifies your concerns and sorrows in life.

  11. To study joke book in dream suggests doing good or evil.

  12. To study criticism in dream suggests your defamation by your own criticism.