To see, catch or get an eagle in dream

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Possible Dream Meaning

To see, catch or get an eagle in dream symbolizes imminent status, honor, fame, fortune, baby boy or power especially if the bird is complying with your commands. To dream that you have caught an eagle or someone has presented you and the eagle is obeying your commands or seems well-trained and if you are holding an official position in waking life then you will earn status and honor from presidential office. And if the dreaming person is not a government employee then dreamer will be able to achieve material benefits. If someone has presented you with an eagle in dream then it may be a sign of beautiful baby boy who will achieve status in his life. To see in dream that eagle ran away and hid in your woman’s clothing or robe then it is an indication that your woman will give birth to a beautiful baby boy. And if the eagle in dream is wearing some kind of ribbon or band then it is sign of birth of a beautiful baby girl.

To dream that an eagle has flown away from your wrist or it fell from your wrist and died then it may be a sign of loss in status, wealth and money. To dream that you have an eagle which is disobedient and is not well trained then it is sign that you will have to deal with an ill-mannered and uncivilized person that may be your boss or son. To dream that you eat the flesh of an eagle, shows that your strong and powerful character will lead you to great wealth and influence.