Dream Meaning of seeing a Peacock in your dreams

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Possible Meaning

Depending upon the context of your dream a peacock may symbolize a president, wealth and treasure. A male peacock in dream may symbolize a president or king. To dream that have a pet male peacock then it is a sign getting status and wealth from the president or officials. To dream that you own a peahen suggests getting a beautiful, rich lady and will be able to share her wealth and she will give birth to a son.

To see a peacock and quail points out illicit relations of one of the female members in your family. To dream that a peacock flew away from your house then it is a sign of divorce or separation. To dream that you beat or kill a peacock then it is sign of your relationship with a virgin. To dream that you are holding a peacock then it is a sign of wealth and blessings. To dream that you caught or trapped a kid peacock then it is a sign of birth of a baby girl.