Dreams about currency notes, counting and numbers

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Possible Dream Meanings

Depending upon the context of your dreams, currency notes, counting and numbers in dreams may omen as;

  • Faithfulness

  • Achieving the goals

  • Victory

  • Prosperity

  • Riches

  • Sadness

  • Departure

  • Disaster

  • Confusion in life

Guiding Dream Interpretations

  1. To see a dollar bill or one piece of cloth in dream, or another one item has been given to you then the dream signifies goodness and faithfulness. Similarly number ten has same interpretation.

  2. Number two or any item in quantity of two may symbolize sorrows and grief but ultimately you will be triumphant.

  3. Number 3 or any item in quantity of three in dream has dire consequences which will not be beneficial for you. Alternatively number 3 may also signify departure as it is odd.

  4. Number 4 in dream signifies goodness if it is seen alone in dream. Similarly number 5 and 6 are regarded as good for those persons who are good in waking life and vice versa.

  5. Numbers 7 and 8 in dream are not regarded as good.

  6. Number 9 in dream may be the worst number and is symbol of disaster. Number 10 in dream is good and is symbol of getting the goals, achieving the targets.

  7. Number 11 in dream signifies completion of your work plans.

  8. Number 12 in dream is regarded as good for pious persons in waking life.

  9. Number 13 is regarded as bad.

  10. Number 14 is regarded as good.

  11. Number 15 in dream signifies confusion in your job or assignments or affairs of life.

  12. Number 16 in dream represents fulfillment of dreams.

  13. Number 17 is regarded as bad.

  14. Number 18 in dream represents that you will not be able to achieve the targets.

  15. Number 19 in dream represents that you will have to face other people.

  16. Number 20 in dream is regarded as good and may signify victory.

  17. Number 30 in dream may signify your good working relationship with the officials.

  18. Number 40 in dream may signify progress in your business or job.

  19. Number 50 in dream may signify grief, sorrows and hardships.

  20. Number 60 in dream denotes that you should donate some thing.

  21. Number 70 in dream denotes that your targets will be achieved but with some delays.

  22. Number 80 in dream represents that you will be accused for and consequently you will be sentenced for accusation.

  23. Number 90 in dream may signify your marriage in a royal or aristocratic family.

  24. Number 100 in dream signifies victory with divine help. To dream that you are leading 100 soldiers or a team of 100 members then the dream signifies victory over opponents. To dream that someone has given you a 100 dollar note or any other currency then the dream may signify your immoral sex activities for which you may be detained.

  25. To see number 100 associated with grains signifies prosperity, riches and luxuries in life.

  26. Number 200 in dream may signify victory over opponents.

  27. Number 300 in dream may signify fulfillment of desires.

  28. Number 400 in dream may signify victory over opponents.

  29. Number 500 may signify stopping of affairs related to your economy.

  30. Number 600 in dream signifies happiness and fulfillment of desires.

  31. Number 700 in dream may signify that your work assignment will be difficult but ultimately it will be completed.

  32. Number 800 and 900 in dream signifies victory over opponents. Number 1000 in dream may signify statesmanship and victory over opponents.

  33. Number 2000 is a sign of defeat.

  34. Number 3000 in dream signifies victory.

  35. Number 4000 in dream may signify power and victory.

  36. Numbers 5000 and 6000 signify goodness and fineness.

  37. Number 7000 may signify ease and comfort in managing your affairs.

  38. Number 8000 in dream may signify manageability of affairs.

  39. Number 9000 is not regarded as good.

  40. Number 10,000 and 20,000 in dream may signify success and victory.

  41. Number 30,000 in dream represents victory by the divine help.

  42. Number 50,000 in dream may signify grief, hardships and disability.

  43. Number 60,000 in dream may signify happiness and celebration.

  44. Number 70,000 in dream may signify victory over opponents.

  45. Number 80,000 in dream denotes secrecy of your affairs or job.

  46. Number 90,000 may signify victory.

  47. Number 100000 or one lac signifies victory over opponents.