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History of Dreams and Meanings

From the ancient times to the 21st century, it is still mankind’s quest to decipher the meaning of dreams. Throughout history most of the religions / cultures believed that dreams are prophetic or an alternative reality.  During the past, many scholars have tried to decipher the dreams and their meanings and have offered diverse elucidations for dreams. On the other hand researchers have offered conflicting psychological and neuro-scientific explanations for dreams. Some have characterized dreams as meaningless and still another group believes that dreaming process is actually a process of unlearning. Only some researchers believe that dreams are indeed prophetic or visionary in nature. Recently some researchers have come to a point that dreams can act as a pivot in designing the survival strategies. Following are some useful articles on the subject;

  • What is Dream Interpretation?
  • Purpose of Dream Interpretation
  • How it Works?
  • What are Prophetic Dreams?
  • Science expalins Prophetic Dreams
  • Common Misconceptions about Dreams
  • What is Symbolism?
  • Why Symbolism in Dreams?
  • Disclaimer