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A key in dream may symbolize early completion of your assignments, freeing from worries and sorrows, recovery of health, fulfillment of dreams, religious strength, pilgrimage, coming true of prayers and learning depending upon the context of your dreams.

A key in dream may also symbolize a person who manages affairs or assignments. To unlock a door with a key in dream may signify completion of your assignments and victory over opponents. To dream that you have many keys then the dream indicates statesmanship and status in life. Alternatively to close or lock a door may be a metaphor to symbolize wedlock.

To dream that you have the key to paradise may signify your religious supremacy. To open many doors with the same key may signify your wedding with a beautiful woman. An iron key in dream represents your power and goodness. A key made of bronze or amalgam may signify that you will be famous and obeyed. To have silver or golden key signifies your authority and hunting a treasure.