Dream menaing of seeing fire

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Possible Meanings

  • Civic Disorder

  • War

  • Anarchy

  • Fear

  • Quarrels

  • Bad mouthing

  • Suspension from job

  • Rage of rulers

  • Calamity

  • Disagreement

  • Lack of direction

  • Knowledge and wisdom

  • Divine guidance

  • Troubles

  • Burns

  • Services for the rulers

  • Plague

  • Pneumonia

  • Blisters

  • Ease in Job

  • Superiority

  • Unfair Wealth

  • Earnings, livelihood

  • Profits

Guiding Interpretations

  1. A luminous fire without smoke in dream suggests your intimacy with ruler.

  2. To see that a luminous blaze caused burns on your body suggests birth of a baby in your family who will become worthy and he will receive wealth and statesmanship.

  3. A bright blaze rising from earth and rising into skies illuminating the area in the dream suggests a hidden covered treasure in the area.

  4. To take hold of fire in dream means getting unfair wealth from the president/government. And if the fire is producing black smoke then dream indicates getting unfair wealth after a long clash accompanied by pain and suffering.

  5. A fire not damaging, moving from place to place in dream signifies benefits and wealth.

  6. If one sees a dream that fire from the skies has burnt your edibles, means that Allah Almighty will approve your (religious) meditation.

  7. A luminous and harmless fire spreading everywhere in dream suggests your diplomatic job to tie people with government.

  8. If one sees a radiant light brightening the skies from the East to the West in a dream, it means fame, recognition and knowledge, or such a discovery one will become famous because of it

  9. If one sees a fire kindled by one’s side and it is not harmful, suggests receiving goodness.

  10. To see that someone has fell you in the fire then the dream suggests that officials will deliberately cause pain and suffering for you but it will be over soon. And if fire is not causing any harm in dream then dream suggests that you will make an upsetting journey.

  11. If one sees a blazing fire then dream indicates fever.

  12. If one sees a blazing fire causing burns then dream indicates sorrows and losses proportional to the amount of pain.

  13. To see your house on fire causing burns on your body but you are not terrified then dream suggests some weakness and disease like cold, plague, blisters, red pimples caused by overdoing or virus.

  14. To feel high temperature and heat of fire in dream suggests becoming subject to people's backbiting.

  15. To throw flames on people or setting people on fire in a dream indicates your attempts to provoke hostility and hatred among people.

  16. If a retailer/shopkeeper sees fire burning his merchandise or shop, it means destruction of his valuable goods. Alternatively dream suggests insensitive hiking of prices of supplies.

  17. A raging fire in one's house in a dream means war, chaos and facing cruelty from officials.

  18. To dream that blaze has burnt one’s clothing then the dream suggest engagement in a row with relatives and loss of wealth.

  19. A massive fire in a piece of land in dream suggests war and anarchy in the area seen in dream. A roaring and blazing fire that has burnt completely everything in a town, street or a market in dream means a theater of war or spread of disease in the area seen in dream. And if the fire is blazing but not noisy and has burnt partially dream means war in the area. If fire is not blazing then dream suggests spread of disease. A smoky fire in dream suggests fear and risk in your business.

  20. A fire in commercial buildings or markets suggests selling fake goods and hiking of prices by the retailers/ shopkeepers.

  21. A blaze in battlefield suggests sudden deaths, spread of disease, plague, pneumonia and blisters.

  22. If one sees blazing and roaring fire falling from skies in a town, street or market producing blaze on the ground then dream means natural calamity or anarchy in the area. And if blazing and roaring fire falling from skies in a town, street or market does not produce blaze then dream means people’s slander, resentment and infighting in the area.

  23. If one sees a fire erupting from Earth and rising into the skies in a dream, it means that the arrogant people of that locality will challenge followers of Allah Almighty and assign false faults to them.

  24. Fire falling from skies like rain in dream signifies bloodshed and calamity caused by the rulers of that area. Fire falling from skies causing vegetation to burn in dream suggests natural calamities and deaths on large scale.

  25. A fire burning a dome or minaret in dream suggests death of the ruler.

  26. If one sees himself eating fire in dream, it means swindling the property of orphans.

  27. To see fire coming out from one’s mouth in dream means casting blames at others and telling lies.

  28. A fire burning large wooden logs in dream means war and rift.

  29. If a fire burns one's garments in a dream means fear, terror and troubles in life. To stand in the fire means receiving sad news.