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Possible Meanings

To dream of strong winds blowing represents wisdom, authority widespread fear, turmoil and trouble in the country seen in dream.

Guiding Interpretations

  1. To see a strong wind blowing that digs out trees from ground and destroys the tress then it is a sign of natural calamity (like viral diseases, earthquake, flooding fire etc.), troubles and miseries.

  2. To dream that you are flying in the wind suggests that you will be setting off for a long journey which will wage status, statesmanship and wisdom.

  3. To dream that a strong wind has taken you into the skies then it is feared that life of person in dream may end.

  4. To dream that a strong wind took you into the skies and then got you down on the earth then it suggests that person you will probably suffer from some potential health risk but his health will be restored ultimately.

  5. To dream that you are having a ride on the wind by any means (i.e. airplane, rocket etc) suggests that you will have the wisdom and if you are competent enough in waking life then you may become a governing authority.