Dreams about socks

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Possible Dream Meanings

Socks in dream are symbolized as a person who looks after the charity or donations department in an office. Alternatively socks are also symbolized as the helping woman or aide. To dream that your socks are fragrant then dream signifies your fame. To feel stinky smell in socks in dream indicates scolding or hatred of people for dreaming person. To dream that your socks are lost then it is an indication of loss of sum or money or charitable donations. To get new socks in dream indicates that you will get a noble servant or employee which will prove beneficial for you.

To dream of getting embroidered woolen socks indicates a new relationship with a beautiful partner. To dream that your socks are dirty then it is a sign that your servant will be blamed. To dream that you have leathern socks then it is a sign that your employee or serving man is daring, courageous and noble too. To dream, that you are wearing socks then it indicates that you keep an eye on your assets.