Dreams about bedding and shawl or scarf

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Possible Meaning of Dream

Shawl in dream is synonymous with leadership, value, status, sex mate, house, and ruler ship depending upon the context of your dream. To dream that you are wearing a shawl like women do then it indicates that your profession has some pros and cons and you will not have favorable public image. To dream that your shawl is cut or worn out or burnt then the dream signifies your media trial.

To see bed sheets, pillows or other fabric coverings spread to lay or get laid refers to condition, state or circumstances of your spouse, friend or sex partner. To get new bed covering may refer to getting your new mate e.g. spouse, friend or sexual partner. To dream that you bought new bed covers or shawl refers to getting new mate. If someone female dreams that she is buying a new bed cover then it is a sign of her marriage. If someone female dreams that her bed linen is burnt then it is a sign of death or damage to her husband or divorce or separation.