Dreams about engagement rings or wedding rings

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Possible Dream Meanings

To see or wear a silver ring in dream symbolizes the sovereignty, women, sons or wealth. To see or wear a gold ring in your dream is a sign of imminent goodness.

Guiding Dream Interpretations

  1. To dream that your ring is lost or someone has stolen it, then it is a signal that you are suffering in your jobs or assignments and ultimately you may lose your job.

  2. To dream that your ring is broken but its stone or gem is safe with you then it indicates that there is risk of being stripped off your identity but you will be able to maintain your honor and respect despite some hardships.

  3. To dream that you have sold your ring suggests that you will sell off some of your household, shares in stock market or assets.

  4. To dream that you are wearing a ring made of iron suggests that your will be powerful and energetic.

  5. To dream that you are wearing a copper ring or equivalent then it indicates receiving benefits from such persons those are not well-known.

  6. To dream that you are wearing a crystal, gold or silver ring suggests receiving benefits from general public. These benefits may be from public money.

  7. To dream that you are examining and admiring the inscriptions and features of a ring then it is sign of benefits from your employer.

  8. To dream that you have obtained a royal ring for safe keeping or to use it, then it suggests that you will gain wealth and status in comparison to your capabilities.

  9. If some female dreams that her ring is lost then the dream suggest that she may lose her status, honor and/or she may have to bear loss in wealth or children.