Weather and Climate

  •  Possible Meanings of Seeing Clouds in Your Dreams

    Rainy clouds in dream suggest financial ease, goodness and blessings. Dark black clouds in dream are prophetic of hardship, fear and horror.  

    Depending upon the context of your dream clouds refer to;

    • Knowledge and Wisdom

    • State or Statesmanship

    • Getting supreme political powers or sovereignty

    • Being calm, peaceful and untroubled in life

    • Showing reverence and devotion to divine guidance

    • A sudden or great misfortune or calamity

    • Extreme scarcity of food

    • Some misfortune or bad luck

    • Lawlessness or political disorder due to absence of government authority

    Guiding Dream Interpretations

    1.     Gaining Knowledge and Status

    1. To see in dream that you caught hold of clouds and brought to the earth, then it signifies your knowledge and highness.

    2. To gather clouds, pick up clouds or to let somebody see clouds in dream suggests that person doing all this will be a distinguished scholar of his age and will receive highest distinctions.

    3. To wear a black robe or dress (blackening is caused by clouds) in dream suggests your unmatchable knowledge and wisdom.

    4. To make the clouds move in the air in dream suggests your company with scholars and leading class. If the dreaming person is high up in waking life then dream suggests that the president will send his informative messengers in his country.

    5. To see in dream that clouds have surrounded some place around you, then it is an indication of forthcoming knowledge and wisdom in proportion to the darkness and confinement caused by the clouds.

    6. To see clouds right above one’s head in dream is sign of approaching headship.

    7. To see clouds quickly moving over one’s head suggest his company with a kind, beneficial and astute official.

    8. To eat clouds in dream suggests wisdom in your life.

    2.     Spiritual Harmony and Wisdom

    1. To see white clouds in your dream signify your spiritual harmony, compassion and wisdom. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream indicates that public will be able to receive benefits.

    2. To see in dream that you are drinking rain water, then it refers to your quest for peace and spiritual harmony.

    3.     Fortune for Public

    1. To see in dream clouds and smooth rain at the same time, then it indicates fortune and goodness to public.

    2. To see in dream that clouds are shadowing on someone’s head then it indicates wealth, riches and status in that year.

    4..     Disaster, Catastrophe, Anarchy and Misfortune

    1. To see red clouds in your dream signifies pains caused by struggled and troubled life. It also suggests imprisonment.

    2. To see in dream clouds accompanied by strong rain and loud thunder, suggest that you should be afraid of curse which might be invoked by your parents or by a Muslim person.

    3. To see in dream clouds, strong rain, loud thunder accompanied by lightning too, then dream suggests big disasters in life.

    4. To see in dream black clouds (only clouds without rain) spreading over a country suggests misfortune or calamity for the people in that country. Someone in the vicinity of black clouds will be more ill-fated.

    5. To see yellowish clouds in dream suggests ailment. Alternatively it suggests meeting your difficult soul mate.

  •  Possible Dream Meanings 

    Depending upon the context of your dream running, flowing or overflowing water may symbolize;

    • Payment of loans

    • Finding a soul mate

    • Rewarding investment

    • Health revitalization

    • Suspension or removal from service

    • Losses in business

    • Riches from unfair means

    Guiding Dream Interpretations

    1.     Running Water on Dry Land

    • To see in dream that running water is covering a land or space which is dry in waking life, then it is a symbol of sorrows and grief for the dreaming person.

    • To see running water (large ripples) at its proper place (like ocean, river, water fall etc.) then dream represents payment of loans and freeing from sorrows.

    • To dream of water running or covering an unidentified place /area is indicative of getting a woman or girl whose persona will be analogous to the unidentified locale seen in dream.

    • To dream of drinking water from an overflowing stream of water (like canal or river etc.) suggests collection of wealth from unfair means.

    • To see running water in one’s house suggests investing money for your children. Such investment will prove rewarding.

    • To see running water at some religious building suggests investment that will not be beneficial for the dreamer.

    • To see wetting of your clothes with running water in dream suggests investing for your children.

    2.     Running Water at its Normal Course

    • To see running water with large ripples at its normal course suggests wealth and opulence for the dreamer.

    • If someone privileged in waking life dreams of water stream flowing along its watercourse then it is indicative of imminent opulence for him.

    • If someone suffering from some ailment in waking life dreams of water stream flowing along its course then it is indicative of imminent health recovery.

    • If someone on tour or out of country in waking life dreams of water stream flowing along its course then it denotes his return to his native locale.

    • If someone office bearer in waking life dreams of water flowing along its course then dream serves as a warning that he may be suspended from his job.

    • If someone holding the office of a judge/magistrate in waking life dreams of water stream flowing along its course then dream serves as a warning of his forthcoming removal from service.

    • If someone trader or merchandiser or a business man in waking life dreams of water stream flowing along its course then it is a warning about approaching loss in his business.


  • Possible Meaning

    Lightning in dream may symbolize some natural disaster in an area where lightning is struck. To see fire, rain in an area represents bloodshed caused by the president office on large-scale. To dream that lightning has caused you to burn then it is a sign of death caused by the government or official. 

  • Possible Meanings

    Depending upon the context of your dream dust in dream may symbolize wealth, chaos, uprising, catastrophe or divine punishment.

    Guiding Dream Interpretations

    1. To dream that your belongings are dusty then it may be a sign of getting riches.

    2. To dream that dust is suspended in some particular area or a zone between earth and sky then the dream signifies that something done secretly will be revealed or declassified.

    3. To dream that your face is dusty then it is a sign of grief and sorrows. 

  • Possible Meanings

    Dreaming about waves (air, water, power, light etc.), depending upon the context of your dreams, may represent the following;

    • Powerful enemy
    • Cruel ruler
    • Hidden army
    • Disaster
    • Chaos
    • Hardships in life

    Guiding Dream Interpretations

    1. To see in dream that you have got rid of a wave then it is prophetic of your ability to be victorious or overcome your limitations.
    2. To dream that you are running away from a tornado then it is a sign of getting away from your enemies.
    3. To dream that an area is full of waves or tornadoes and you are in an unknown locale then it represents some catastrophic natural disaster in the area seen in dream.
    4. To dream that waves or tornadoes are spoiling an area then it is symbolic of heavy fines or taxes levied by the government in that area. 

  • To see a desert forest in dream is a sign of getting happiness, goodness from the government in amounts comparable to the vastness of desert seen in dream. To see a vast limitless desert forest in dream full of useless shrubs and trees and you are wandering in it then dream symbolizes your company with a ruthless president and you will be the chief consultant for him. To see a green desert forest in dream suggests your company with a scholarly or learned person and you will be able to receive benefits from him. 

  • Possible Meanings of Seeing the Sun and its Planets

    • President

    • Venerated One

    • Rich guy

    • Ruler

    • Fair dealing head of state

    • Common people’s benefits

    • Men for woman

    • Woman for a man

    • Good job

    • Father

    Guiding Interpretations related to the Sun and Solar System

    1. If one catches hold of the Sun or owns the Sun in a dream, it is a sign of appointment as president or statesman. Alternatively he may be in close company of the president.

    2. If one transforms into the Sun in a dream, it means that he will receive an important political appointment such as president, if he is adequately qualified. If he is not adequately qualified then dream suggests that he may win a seat in the senate or get statesmanship.

    3. If one sees himself engaged in a battle against the sun in a dream, it means authority will create a conflict and enmity for him.

    4. If someone sees that the sun is replaced by the moon in a dream, it means that dreaming person will be appointed as president. During such transition state or country will remain stable.

    5. To get hold of radiance of the Sun in dream suggests getting the control of a country from the president.

    6. To get hold of a dark black sun which is not at its position in a dream, dream suggests that dreaming person will be free from sorrows.

    7. To see a dark black sun which is not at its position in a dream, it means that president of the state has no control over state affairs.

    8. To see a sun without radiance and rays landed on the planet in a dream indicates dethronement of the head of the state.

    9. In a dream the Sun represents father, moon represents mother and stars represent brothers.

    10. If one sees a bright and clean sun radiating in his house then dream suggests seeking a wife within the family.

    11. To see clouds covering the Sun in a dream means worsening of the affairs of the state. To see clouds covering and uncovering the sun in a dream strongly suggest transitions in the state of head of government.

    12. To see the sun has moved into a bright sky from a dark one in a dream, it means possible illness and subsequent recovery of health of the head of government.

    13. To get hold of a rope or sling hanging from the sun in dream suggests support and empowerment from the government. And if the rope or sling in the dream is broken then the dream suggests removal from a respected position.

    14. If one is bowing to a sun to worship in a dream, it means disclosure of the sins or faults one has committed in the past.

    15. If one sees himself bowing to a sun in submission or reverence, it means close company with the head of state.

    16. To see sun, moon and stars collected in one place and someone is getting hold of their rays and radiance then dream suggests that person in dream will rule over the entire planet/ world.

    17. To see two suns quarreling with each other in a dream means war between two heads of governments.

    18. To see the Sun disappearing in a black hole in a dream indicates death of the head of government.

    19. To see covering of sun and stars in a dream suggests defeat of army and its president.

    20. If one sees worshiping the sun in a dream, it means close company with the head of government and receiving wealth support and power.

    21. If one sees the sun is talking to him in a dream, it indicates getting status, honor and reverence from the president.




  • Possible Meanings of Seeing Sky in the Dream

    • Favors and benefits

    • Damage and grief

    • Death

    • Authority

    • Scholarly wisdom

    • Peace

    • Knowledge

    • Religious purity

    • Disease, disaster, calamity, misfortune

    • Vanity, immorality

    Guiding Interpretations for Seeing Sky or To Fly in the Sky in the Dreams

    1. Seeing oneself in the sky in dream suggests travel and worldwide respect.

    2. Air travel in dream suggests a journey accompanying favors and benefits.

    3. Moving rapidly upwards to reach the sky in dream is a sign of damage and grief.

    4. If someone moved to the skies deliberately with a desire not to return to the earth then the dream suggests statesmanship and authority for him. He will do miracles in life.

    5. Hearing some sound or call for prayer originating in the sky in dream is a sign of goodness and peace.

    6. Talking to a bird flying in the sky or hearing its sound in dream suggests a joyful life.

    7. To construct a building in the skies in dream suggests death of the dreaming person. Alternatively to build a house with bricks, cement and stones in the sky represents vanity of the dreaming person.

    8. To see a castle or a building with domes and minarets in air (between sky and earth) in dream means pride of the dreaming person at his accomplishments and knowledge.

    9. In dream seeing honey falling from the skies like raindrops suggests favors, fortune and benefits for the people in that area. To see larger amounts of dust and sand falling from skies in dream is a sign of badness. To see little amounts of dust and sand falling from skies in dream is a sign of blessing.

    10. In a dream seeing wheat and barley falling from skies, are signs of assorted produce, favors, employment opportunities and peace in that country.

    11. In dream seeing snakes, scorpions and stones falling from the skies suggests natural calamities in the country.

    12. To see gates fitted in the sky are wide open in dream foretells rains and plenty of water and approval of prayers of the people.

    13. To see oneself hanging from the sky in dream suggests elevation in ranks.

    14. To rise to the outermost sky in dream suggests end of one’s life especially if he has not returned to the earth in dream. If he returns to the earth from the outermost sky then dream suggests purity in religious affairs for those are god-fearing in waking life. For evil doers said dream suggests abstaining from wrong doings or death.

    15. If one descends from the sky to the earth in the dream, it means that he will recover his health after suffering from a deadly disease and great sorrows.

    16. If one falls from the sky in a dream, it means Allah’s wrath, afflictions and destruction.

    17. To see different faces in the sky projected towards people on the earth in dream suggests goodness and favors for the people.

    18. If one sees the sky green in a dream, it means peace and prosperity in the country. If one sees the sky white in a dream, it means grief and spread of disease. If one sees the sky red in a dream, it is a sign of war and bloodshed in the country. If one sees the sky dark or black in a dream, it foretells about some great misfortune (disaster, calamity, civic disorder etc.) for that country. To see the sky brighter than normal in a dream suggests clarity of your religious ideas.

    19. To see besides yourself a door wide opening right in the sky in dream represents your scholarly wisdom. Such wisdom will create employment opportunities for the masses.

    20. To see red pillars, spot or strips in the sky in dream means divine help for god fearing people of that area.

    21. In a dream worshiping the sky suggests one’s re probation.