Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Possible Meaning of Dream  

    Fragrant and tasty sugar syrup in dream is a sign of prosperity and goodness and vice versa. To prepare sugar syrup in dream refers to an activity or business which is a welfare activity and is a sign of profit. If syrup is sour then it is vice versa to previous.


  • Possible Meaning

    To dream that you are extracting out juices then the dream signifies that you will be involved in some well known and admirable activity and will good repute. 

  • Possible Dream Meaning

    To drink juices of apples or pomegranate which are sweet represents religious profits, beneficial knowledge, longevity, luxuries and happiness and ziker e Elahi depending upon the context of your dream. The bitter tasted juices are good beneficial of both the worlds. The fragrant and mildly tasting juices are symbolic of goodness, happiness, admiration. The juices remedial are for divine righteousness. Others for taste are goodness in this world and manageability of affairs. 

  •  Possible Meanings

    • A little wealth

    • Freeing from sadness

    Guiding Dream Interpretations

    1. To drink any fruit juices which is sweet in dreams may signify wealth in small amount from justified resources.

    2. Drinking sugar added fruit juice may be a sign of freeing from sorrows and grief especially if you are facing difficulties in life.