Dry Fruits

  • Possible Dream Meaning

    To see or eat dried grapes in dream may symbolize benefits for the person offering dried grapes in the dream. To keep or have a pile or stock of dried grapes in dream may signify increase in opulence, excelling professionally and paid up lucratively. 

  • Possible Dream Meaning

    To dream that you have collected or eaten or someone has offered you some figs, then it may be the sign that you will soon repent over your deeds and would feel grieved. To eat green and sweet fig is a sign of well being. 

  • Possible Dream Meaning

    Pistachio in dream is symbol of wealth and blessings. The pistachio nuts may be a sign of getting wealth from miserable. 

  • Possible Meanings

    To see or eat almond in dream represents undiscovered wealth or treasure hunt. Alternatively the dream may symbolize a recovery from illness depending upon the context of dream. If you dream of almond nut then it is a sign of divine blessings in terms of wealth and riches with no or little struggle. To dream that you have extracted oil from almond nuts suggests receiving benefits from a frugal person.

  • Possible Meaning of Dream

    Depending upon context of your dream, berries in dream may signify to earn livelihood and extra income to meet your needs. A packing or stock of berries may signify wealth in large quantities especially if dreamed at its season in waking life.


  • Possible Dream Meaning

    Date in dream is referred to wealth and money from a rich person. Dried dates are symbol of purity of religion and justifiable income. Fresh dates are the symbolic of vision of eye and a decent and pious person. To dream that you ate dates in its season in waking life then it is a sign of knowledge for the scholarly persons and wealth for the traders or businessmen. Or it is a sign of getting inheritance for common people. To dream that you ate unripe dates then it refers to spending of your son’s inheritance.

    To see a date tree in dream with fruits is a sign of your acquaintance with some celebrity, and big personality and reaping benefits from him. To dream that date tree I your house fell then it is a sign of departure from a person mentioned as above.To see in dream that dried dates transformed into fresh dates ten it refers to some diseased person in your house will heal up. To dream that there are date trees in your house then it is a sign of getting material goods and wealth.

    To dream that date tree bear grapes then it refers to the birth of a son from your sexual paid partner. To dream that you get fresh dates from a dried tree then it is a sign of getting benefits from a deceitful and unwise person or alternatively it is symbolic of freeing from sorrows and grief. If you got fresh dates in season from some official or high up then it indicates getting sum or money. 

  • Possible Dream Meaning

    To see or eat mulberry is symbolized as wealth income benefits from profession and quarrel with women opposite sex. To see or eat mulberry during its season in waking life indicates income rewards benefits from profession. To see or eat mulberry out of season suggests sorrow and worries related to profession. If someone young has presented you with mulberries then same as previous. Alternatively it may be symbolized for rewards, gifts income and wages from younger employer.