Buildings and Structure

  • Possible Meaning of Dream 

    To see doing construction of building is often regarded as good for the dreaming person. 

  • Possible Dream Meaning 

    To see a mosque, church, gurdwara, shrine, synagogue or temple in dream is regarded as good for persons who are good in waking life and it is sign of sins and chaos for the persons who are not good in waking life. To offer prayer in a temple and repent over your sins may signify your devotion for your religion and work for religious strengthening. To offer prayers in the direction of Hackle e Suleiman signifies your love and respect for Jewish community. Alternatively seeing yourself in a temple may signify your spokesman ship for that religious group. 


  • Possible Meaning of Dream 

    A wall represents the condition or state of the dreaming person. If the wall seen in dream is fine, well built and strong then it is a sign of good status in future for you. To feel desire to demolish an old wall in dream is symbolic of getting some hidden or unexpected treasure in waking life. To dream that you want to demolish a new wall then it is a sign of transition that will cause sorrows and grief for you. To see a wall in dream which is weaker and narrower then it is indication of your weaker position in this world. If the wall in dream is stronger then it represents stability in your current state and condition.

    To dream a wall bending on either side is an indication that your current status will go through some change that might be good or bad depending upon the circumstances. To see in dream that a wall demolished itself then it is a sign of destruction of your economy and profession. To dream that you have built or constructed a strong wall having marble or tiles then it refers to your struggle for seeking wealth that will be successful.